Outlook Password Recovery Kit - Online help

Outlook Password Recovery Kit (Download) visualizes detailed information about the mail accounts and passwords of the Microsoft Outlook mail client.

Once started, Outlook Password Recovery Kit reads all the information necessary for recovery and instantly decrypts it. The right part of the program window contains the recovered passwords and the account and Microsoft service settings the Microsoft Outlook uses in its work. Thus, the process of recovering forgotten or lost passwords in Outlook Password Recovery Kit is completely automated and comes down to starting the program.

For your convenience, Outlook Password Recovery Kit can save the configuration of Microsoft Outlook profiles to a separate text file. To do it, you should select the Save settings to file item in the File menu and click the Save settings to file button in the lower part of the Outlook Password Recovery Kit window. The program will offer you to select the path for saving the text file and specify the name of the file. Click the Save button after you specify the data.

Outlook Password Recovery Kit also recovers forgotten or lost passwords for the .pst files. The Microsoft Outlook mail client saves personal user data (contacts, messages, reminders, tasks and notes) to these files. The process of recovering the password for the *.pst file of the current user is started with selecting the corresponding item in the left panel of the Outlook Password Recovery Kit program. The right part of the program window will display the path to the *.pst data file and its password.

Note: Passwords for *.pst files may be differ from passwords used before. Nevertheless, passwords obtained with Outlook Password Recovery Kit will provide access to personal data stored in .pst files and protected with a password.

Also, it is possible to recover the password for an *.pst files that is not used by the current configuration of the Microsoft Outlook mail client. To recover the password for such a *.pst file, you should specify the path to it in Outlook Password Recovery Kit. To do it, click the Open PST file button in the lower part of the program window or select the Open PST file item in the File menu. Use the dialog box to select the *.pst file you want to recover the password for. After you select the file, click the Get Password button. The password will be immediately recovered. After the password is recovered, you can copy it to the clipboard using the Ctrl+C key combination and insert it using the Ctrl+V key combination in any other document you need.

It is possible to use Outlook Password Recovery Kit to view the data and settings of the Microsoft Outlook mail client for several profiles of the current user. In case you need to recover the data of another user on this computer, restart the Windows operating system using the accounts of the user whose data you want to recover.