Outlook keeps asking for password

Fix Outlook password issues

The usage of Microsoft Outlook is easy for everyone, no matter beginners or experts in computers. However, it is not a completely trouble-free software and you should remember about it. I cannot tell you about everything that could happen to this email client, but let us consider one of the most frequent issues, when Outlook keeps asking for password.

So, why Outlook could often ask for a password? Actually, there are some reasons:

  1. In the Outlook email settings, there is a parameter asking for a password;
  2. The Credential Manager option keeps an incorrect Outlook password;
  3. The Outlook profile in use is damaged;
  4. There is a problem of network connectivity;
  5. Antivirus programs work incorrectly and cause this issue

1. In the Outlook email settings, there is a parameter asking for a password

In case the User Identification parameters are switched ON in Outlook that uses an Exchange account, it always asks to provide authentication details. If you’d like to fix the issue of password prompt, consider disabling this parameter. It is not really complicated, you should do the following:

  1. Open the Outlook email client and go to the following menu: File – Account Settings – Account settings;
  2. Make sure you select the required Microsoft Exchange email account and use the Change button;
  3. As soon as the next dialog box appears, click More Settings;
  4. Go to the Security tab and uncheck the box named Always prompt for logon credentials.

2. Clearing the Credential Manager stored account to stop using an incorrect Outlook password

In case the Credential Manager uses an incorrect password, you should clear its settings to fix the issue. The process requires several easy steps, do the following:

  1. Open Control Panel on your computer and choose the Credential Manager option;
  2. Find the required credentials in Outlook, they should have Outlook in the name;
  3. Preview the set of credentials and use the Remove from Vault option;
  4. If there are other sets, having Outlook in their names, repeat the previous step.

3. The Outlook profile damage

Outlook may be unable to remember password due to the corruption of its profile. To resolve the issue, remove it and create a new profile in Outlook, it can be done in several easy steps:

  1. Open Control Panel and find the Mail option, click on it;
  2. The following option will appear: Mail Setup-Outlook;
  3. Choose the Outlook option and click the Add button to add a new profile;
  4. Add a new profile name and click OK to confirm the profile creation;
  5. Fill in the following details: user name, email address and password;
  6. Click Next to proceed;
  7. Click Finish to complete the profile creation and go to the final step;
  8. Choose the new profile and use this option: Always use this profile
  9. Click Apply, then click OK.

4. Network connectivity issues

Users often encounter bad connectivity issues and it could affect Outlook that is unable to connect to the mail server. When Outlook loses connection to the email server, it asks for credentials. It is relatively easy to check: try to copy a large file (2-4GB) to the network storage, better where the email server is installed and monitor the process: if it is too slow or the upload fails, contact the IT guy. Ask him to consider using another, more stable network to resolve the issue.

5. Incorrect operation of antivirus software

The antivirus software, installed on your computer, may affect the operation of Outlook email client. If you are lost with the antivirus tool, try to disable it completely and see, if it fixes the issue. Alternatively, you can try to modify some parameters. Add an exception for Outlook, PST file storage folder and all files of PST format, located on your computer.

If all listed methods seem to be useless, try an application for Outlook password recovery. It makes sense, if you have forgotten your email password and there is no way to recall it. Outlook Password Recovery Kit may quickly recover Outlook passwords regardless of their complexity. Users may set new passwords for Outlook in few clicks and recover Outlook access.


First variant of password reset from .pst file:

  1. Open Outlook Password Recovery Kit.
  2. Click on the Open PST file button in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Select a .pst file from HDD in the first field.
  4. Press Get password button. Moments later, you'll see a recovered password in the Password field.
  5. Press the Remove password button.
  6. Close our software.
  7. Open the .pst file in Outlook (no password is needed).

Second variant of password breaking:

  1. Execute steps 1-4 from the first variant.
  2. Select a password (press Ctrl+A) and copy it into Clipboard (press Ctrl+C).
  3. Close Outlook Password Recovery Kit.
  4. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  5. Open the password-protected .pst file.
  6. Select this Personal Store Folder in the left panel.
  7. Right-click the mouse.
  8. Select a Data file properties… item.
  9. Click on the Advanced tab.
  10. Click on the Change password button.
  11. Paste the recovered password (press Ctrl+V) but keep any new password field empty.
  12. Press the OK button.

The cracked password for a PST file does not resemble the old password. The Outlook Password Recovery Kit has found a password for a PST file and shown the first 3 characters that did not appear in the original password.


A password for a PST file resembles the original password.

The Outlook Password Recovery Kit may recover a password for a PST file that is not be identical to the original. However, the password will still work. The user will be able to use it to open PST files without limitation.

Such situations occur under the following conditions:

  1. the user’s password contained non-Latin characters
  2. the user’s password was too long

Once Microsoft Outlook has opened a password-protected PST file, the user can change the password to one that is shorter and easier to remember.

Note: this article does not apply to passwords for Microsoft Outlook email accounts found by the Outlook Password Recovery Kit. Recovered passwords for email accounts must match their originals exactly.


In this case, you need to run an integrity check on the hard disk (HDD). It is possible that sectors and/or blocks on the disk, where the PST file is located, are damaged.

To check the integrity of the disk you have to:

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Select the disk where the PST file resides
  3. Press the right mouse button
  4. Select the Properties option
  5. Select the Tools tab
  6. Press the Check now... button
  7. Place checkmarks on the following:
    • Automatically fix system errors
    • Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors
  8. Press the Start button
  9. Follow the instructions


Step-by-step instructions on how to clear a password from an Outlook PST or OST file:

  1. Download and install Outlook Password Recovery Kit
  2. Run Outlook Password Recovery Kit
  3. Click on the Open PST File button on the right bottom corner
  4. Select *.pst file in first field
  5. Press Remove password button

I have a personal registered Outlook Password Recovery Kit purchased and installed w/o any hassle today. The reason for the purchase was two .pst files with missing password. One is easily and instantly recovered using the new program. However, the other is not. Nothing is displayed in the password window. It's empty. No error message. Could you kindly advice?


The most probable cause is a damage in the PST file. In rare cases, the password area of a PST file could be damaged, causing Outlook to keep promptting you for the password, which can not be accepted. You can repair the damaged PST file using the Outlook Recovery Kit utility.


When using Outlook with an Exchange Server email account, authorization is mostly performed with the help of Windows Domain Controller. This way, the standard Windows and local domain password is used for authorization in Windows Domain and other services, including Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Outlook Password Recovery Kit does not break passwords that are Windows user passwords.

Click on the Microsoft Outlook email account in the middle section of the program window

The right-hand side will display the password and account settings

Open pst file

Save settings to file